четверг, 2 сентября 2010 г.

Parameters of OFDM signals. and SA update version

Update SA to version v

Function of obtaining an exact value of the clock frequency manipulation signals OFDM is added in OFDM module.

Of course it is only within reasonable limits, we are not talking about the absolute accuracy, since all measurements are statistical in nature, and there is always some error. Just this error, in our case, is very small.

Also we updated OCG program to version

Small calculator for getting basic parameters of OFDM with CP is added.

We also created an interesting article Parameters of OFDM signals.

This article contains:
  • an interesting information about parameters of OFDM signals
  • implementation of SA new version at analysis of OFDM signals
  • examples on the real signals from the air
  • features of OFDM analysis (like "magic" coefficient "k")
  • and small lessons how to analyze OFDM signals
We are very hope you will find it interesting and usefull.