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MPSK: Robust Packet Radio 8 Channels

Robust Packet Radio 8 Channels
Ch-8, Br-50, Sh-60, Mode-differencial PSK-2 also named as SDPSK.

Author: SergUA6
Band Width ~500 Hz
Low Range 300 Hz, shift is possible, recieved in SSB
Baud Rate 50 Hz
n-Ary (PSK/MPSK) Special PSK-4(SDPSK)
Count of Carriers 8 easily recognizeble frequencies
Step between carriers 60 Hz
RX mode SSB

The example of the signal is here. Send by cryptomaster.

pic.1 General view
pic.2 Graphical spectrum
pic.3 Manipulation speed
pic.4 Phase constellation

ROBUST PACKET RADIO 8 Channels - relatively new type, which is used by amateurs often.
It has multichannel transmission, in this case, we have 8channel transmission.
This signal isn't OFDM, although it is mistakenly considered to OFDM often.
Maximum technical speed is 8*50 = 400 bps.