среда, 6 января 2010 г.

DCF77. Germany standard of time and frequency

DCF77. Germany standard of time and frequency
Mixed mode, AM and special PSK +/- 13 degrees. Br~646 Hz

Here is the record of this signal. Send by cryptomaster.

Author: SergUA6
Band Width ~1100 Hz
Low Range ~950 Hz, shift is possible, recieving is in SSB
Baud Rate ~646 Hz
n-Ary (PSK/MPSK) Special mode +/- 13 degrees
Count of Carriers 1
Carrier frequency ~1493 Hz in this record. In reality exact value is 77500 Hz
RX mode SSB

pic.1 General view

pic.2 Spectrum's detalization
pic.3 Manipulation speed
pic.4 View after AM detector
pic.5 View on Phase plane
DCF77 - The frequency and time standard allocated in Germany. Appearance of this record in our base, and its actually complete analysis is the result of brilliant operation of members of our forum. Many people know about this signal, but not many know about its structure and even less learned it in details. The signal possesses interesting enough parametres: phase manipulation with angles + / - 13 degrees. Data format is well enough described and accessible in the Internet. Exact frequency of radiation is 77500 Hertz.