воскресенье, 18 октября 2009 г.

The unqiue OFDM module is added: Signals Analyzer updated. version

In SA version OFDM module is added. New SA OFDM module is the unqiue tool, which do not have analogues.

The detailed description of OFDM module is available in our site. Click here to read detailed OFDM module tutorial.

This tutorial is "must read", it is short, but infromative description of princples of OFDM analysis and principles of work with SA OFDM module.

Everyday more OFDM signals are appearing, and they are always problematical for the analysis. SA OFDM Module is intented to help and greatly simplify the analysis of OFDM signals.

From our description of version You will know:
  • basics and princples of OFDM analysis
  • structure of OFDM signals
  • "Magic traingle" as the sign of OFDM presence
  • how to recognize "Magic triangle"
  • easy steps of how to use OFDM module
  • the results of SA OFDM module work.
Current implementation of SA OFDM module is only the first step in this direction. Further we will expand and develop OFDM module to receiving of constellation of the separate channel, to compensation of inaccuracies of sampling rate and displacement by frequency, and if it ill be possible, to OFDM module full automation of putting to rights parameters of record.

We are also planning to write very detailed and usefull article about work in SA OFDM Module, because possibilities of SA OFDM module are great, and some part of very vexed questions(which are often discussed on forums), can be easily enough solved with SA OFDM module help.

Sincerely, Maria and MSM Group.