четверг, 22 октября 2009 г.

Signals Analyzer: SA - OFDM module detailed tutorial. Part I.

This tutorial is intented to help with solving difficult enough tasks of OFDM analysis.
The purpose of this tutorial - is to show what is possible to learn/understand/define with the help of current implementation of SA OFDM module and small "magic triangle":).

From this SA OFDM module tutroial you will know:

  • how to define the magic OFDM triangle
  • how to recognize the right one triangle, in case, when there are several triangles in the signal
  • when triangle can be negative and what does it mean
  • what the correct "magic triangle" should look like
  • specifics of "behavour" of the correct "magic OFDM triangle"
  • and more interesting and usefull features for effective analysis of OFDM signals with help of SA OFDM module.

Soon the second part of OFDM module tutorial will appear.

Yours sincerely, Maria and MSM Group.