четверг, 1 октября 2009 г.

UDXF Forum discussion:Unidentified signal on 8600.9kHz USB (France)‏

After analysis we identifed that signal. It is Globe Wireless OFDM Waveform.

The quantity of channels is well visible from the picture, there are 16 channeles. Not each analyzer is able to show it on such Signals. The matter is that GW has the very short CP and short enough body of the signal, it does not allow to distinguish channels by usual analyzers. Manipulation mode in the channels for GW is standardly PSK-4 (QPSK). Speed of manipulation approximately is 55-56 Hz.

The record is in mp3, althought *.wav format is the best for analysis. For the ones who want to know more about how to make a good record for analysis i post the link on our short article with easy steps "Record for the following analysis".

It will be usefull to read.

Thanks to UDXF forum for interesting discussion and UDXF members for the signals.