суббота, 3 октября 2009 г.

Signal : Clover 2000

Clover 2000
Clover 16p4a, mixed PSK-16 manipulation and four-lever AM at the same time

Author: SergUA6 6.0

Band Width ~ 2000 Hz
Low Range 500 Hz
Baud Rate 62.5 Гц, in the channel
n-Ary (PSK/MPSK) PSK-16
Count of Carriers 8 spectral bands with not crossed spectrum
Step between carriers 250 Hz between carriers of the channels
RX mode SSB


pic.1 General view


pic.2 Graphical spectrum


pic.3 Phase constellation

pic.4 Crossings in constellation

This signal is from Clover family of signals. It is rare enough signal on the air. For definition of parametres of the channel, it it is necessary preliminary to select it. The constellaions, which are represented in the description, concerned to the lower channel by the spectrum.
Usage of the mixed modulation, allows to increase speed in the channel, for this variant it turns out (if I'm not mistaken) 6*62.5=375 bit per second on the channel, the common speed is 3000 bps. That is not bad characteristic, at the 2000Hz band on HF.