вторник, 10 января 2012 г.

FSK:PakNet - communication of data system (VHF)

PakNet - communication of data system (VHF)
Mode FM/GFSK, Br 8000

Author: SergUA6 
Band Width ~12 kHz
Baud Rate 8000 Hz
ACF 108 and 27 ms
RX mode Source I/Q record

pic.1 General view (two radiochanneles)

 pic.2 Manipulation speed

pic.3 Bit stream

pic.4 108 ms Period in VMW

pic.5  27 ms Period in VMW

 pic.6 the signal's ACF

PakNet - One of the oldest systems of documentary communication. It was founded in 1985-86 years. 

It is necessary to notice that within these years there was very intensive growth and development of various networks, such as Rosnet, Rospak, Sprint, Paknet etc. From that last abundance up to now days not many of them are still "alive" - PakNet one of the such. 

The cable network of Russia concerns documentary networks, to the same category belongs  PakNet, which is realized on qualitative another high level, than a cable network. 

In general PakNet, is not so much name of the protocol or a signal kind, but the name 
of the network.