воскресенье, 16 октября 2011 г.


MFSK-34, Br-40, Sh-40, Ch-34

Author: SergUA6 
Band Width ~1400 Hz
Baud Rate 40 Hz
Count of Carriers 34 manipulation frequency
Step between carriers 40 Hz
RX mode SSB

pic.1 General view at the different spectrum resolution.

pic.2 Manipulation speed

pic.3 Allocation and quantity of the frequencies

pic.4 demodulation in SA

CROWD-36(SERDOLIK) MFSK From the different sources, it is used by various diplomatic services of the CIS countries, Russia is defined in general easily enough. Spacing is 40, speed 40, frequencies 34.Alghough it is necessary to manage to count the frequencies, because to do it on the spectrum it not so that easy. ;) The number "36" in the name of the signal is the mystery for me. I haven't ever seen 36 frequencies, so I may suppose that 36 frequencies are very seldom used or quantity of frequencies does not play a role in the name of the signal. 
Speed of manipulation in chat-mode makes 10 hertz.  Mazielka 2 tone and it is possible Mazielka 6 tones are Very closely connected with Crowd-36.