вторник, 2 августа 2011 г.

Update SA to the version v : implementing technology of parallel computings

Update SA to the version v 

Planned SA update. 

At the desire of users, in this version support of 8bit data in unsigned and signed formats is added. The unsigned format is typical for the standard wav files, signed format for the various exterior devices, programs and calculators. 

Also, since this version, we are implementing technology of parallel computings. It allows to double, quadruple etc. speed of the main operations, depending on an amount of cores in the processor. 

The maximum quantity of CPU cores supported by SA is equal 8, it is not the principle limitation, simply we have considered that it will be enough for beginning , and if composition CPU includes 16 cores or more, SA won't use all of them, but SA will try to involve all accessible cores to 8 inclusively. 

On the current moment, the functions of the main working window are already parallelized. The screenshot above, shows: 

- Red color - means already parallelized operations 
- Green color - means not parallelized operations, but very strongly optimized 
- Not selected by any colour - means it is left "as is" yet. 

It is the initial stage of increasing of SA computing power, further gradually, we will translate/turn whenever possible, all functions of the program in this parallel mode. 

Though this version already had preliminary and careful beta testing, some errors are still possible, which will be corrected in the process of their detection. 

Good Luck~