вторник, 21 июня 2011 г.

SECAM - National standard of Russian TV

Full TV spectrum, with NICAM (digital audio channel)
SECAM - National standard of  Russian TV 

Author: SergUA6 
Band Width ~ 7 mHz
RX mode Source I/Q record

The signal is here. Send by geka. The file size is about 10 Mb.


pic.1 General view

pic.2 The detalization

pic.3 The graphical spectrum


pic.4 NICAM - digital channel of sound


pic.5 Channel of the brightness after AM detector in VMW 

SECAM - National standard of Russian TV - The television standard of Russia. Standard SECAM is well described in the literature, so there is no special sence to stop on it. The interest represents an additional digital sound channel by technology NICAM, in which modulation  PSK-4 (QPSK) is used. This additional channel, is allocated apparently from screenshots, between chrominance subcarriers and the main analog channel of the soundtrack.