понедельник, 28 февраля 2011 г.

Update SA to the version v

Update SA to the version v

In this update the range of problems found out by users has been solved.

1. The rigid/hard restriction on data size for calculation ACF and CCF is introduced.
The matter is that due various reasons, at the call of ACF and CCF functions SA user can casually push "Ok" in a situation, when the user hadn't supposed to do it, or the user wanted to push "Cancel" instead "Ok", and the hand itself has pushed other button. :)
In this version such situations are eliminated. The maximum data size for operation of function ACF makes 70 mbytes. For CCF, the maximum size of a fragment is about 50 mbytes. If these restrictions for someone are essential, please inform us about it (e-mail us), and we will solve this question.

2. Very often, after the phase detector, the call of signals waveform module follows. In this version, if beforehand the value of clock frequency has been recieved by SA tools, then LPF filter is applied at once by default. Normally, in 99 % of cases, this is the standard action, which is just automated now.

As usual, except the described changes, a range of hardly noticeable, but important moments is fixed.

Good Luck!