воскресенье, 12 декабря 2010 г.

PSK: CIS-3000

PSK-8, Br-3000.

Author: SergUA6
Band Width ~3400 Hz
Low Range ~600 Hz, in this example only!
Baud Rate 3000 Hz
n-Ary (PSK/MPSK) PSK-8
Carrier frequency ~2313 Hz, in this example only!
ACF Preamble ~ 85 ms
RX mode SSB

pic.1 Generall view

pic.2 General structure of the signal


pic.3 8th harmonic


pic. 4 Phase constellation

pic.5 ACF preambles

CIS-3000 - With very high probability this signal has the Russian origin roots. More and more often there are signals which are leaving the limits of standard phone channel. This signal represents that kind of signals. The spectrum of this signal occupies 3400 Hertz. The maximum technical speed 3*3000 = 9000 bps.