пятница, 29 октября 2010 г.

SA update to version

SA update to version

Automatic synchronization of phase added in FSK-2 dem module.

The presence of two degrees of adjustment (in phase and frequency) for setting/selecting accurate clock for many presents certain difficulties. As miminum the phase synchronization can be achieved fairly quickly and qualitatively, in automatic mode.

This is implemented in the current update.

If the automatic phase is ON(enabled by default) setting the exact value of the clock frequency is greatly simplified. In addition, in most cases, automation will work better and error free.

Nevertheless, the possibility of a transition to a fully manual mode is preserved, sometimes it's necessary.
Automation mode helps to significantly over short and very short signal/fragments.
Algorithm for automatic phasing is not sensitive to the long series of zeros or ones at the beginning of the fragment, it usually is the problem seriously. This situation handled correctly, however, should not take very long series. Also not recommended to take when copying or selection, start part of signal with noise, this can completely disrupt the work of the algorithm.

Although algorithm was developed an for signals FSK-2, he copes with C4FM, which greatly facilitates the identification of this regime and etc.

In general, the automatic phase synchronization, when set properly of clock frequency. Guarantees a correct bitstream and greatly simplifies the module FSK-2 demodulator in SA.

Generally, issues guarantees the correctness of the bitstream is a separate issue, which many prefer to sidestep/not see. :-)
Good Luck!