суббота, 18 сентября 2010 г.


NXDN - 4800, 2400. C4FM, BW ~ 10000 Hz, 5000 Hz

Author: SergUA6
Band Width ~10000 or 5000 Hz
Baud Rate 4800 or 2400 Hz
Count of Carriers 4
ACF ~ 80, ~ 40 ms
RX mode Source IF record


pic.1 General veiw NXDN with speed 4800

pic.2 Generalview NXDN with speed 2400


pic.3 Manipulation speed 4800

pic.4 Manipulation speed 2400


pic.5 Sub-optimum demodulation 4800

pic.6 Sub-optimum demodulation 2400

pic.7 ACF NXDN in 2400 mode, only 80 ms

NEXEDGE - is the communication system using NXDN protocol. NXDN is the joint development Kenwood and ICOM companies. The protocol is declared as opened one, modulation which is used on VHF, is the classical C4FM. The Same type of modulation is also used in the other
known communication system APCO-25 on the basis of standard P-25.

On it similarity comes to an end, P-25 and NXDN are incompatible.

As a whole, the signal is easily identified, especially in SA last versions: there are special possibilities, for confident enough identification C4FM. Two variants of the signal are prepresented on the records: broadband, under the standard channel by a strip/band 12.5 kHz, and narrow-band under the channel 6.25 Khz. The maximum technical speed accordingly in a broadband mode 9600 bps, in narrow-band 4800 bps. Thus clock frequency of manipulation for C4FM turns out twice less, 4800 Hz and 2400 Hz.