воскресенье, 6 июня 2010 г.

New Summer License variants.

We are glad to represent new SA license system.

Four license types are introduced. Each license type corresponds to it's special colour: Red, Yellow, Orange and Green.

Depending on license type (except Red license), we send additional keys on ID specified by user. You may use additional keys at once, or save possibility to use/request them in future, in a case of various force-majeures.

All users who bought SA utill June, 06th 2010, are automatically translated into Green license. Further we will work only within the limits of these four types of licences.

There is no any great changes, only new possibilities has been opened. We suppose that some people were thinking " why i get two keys while i need only one?", or maybe "i'd like to buy more keys at once". Now there is the choice :-)