среда, 23 декабря 2009 г.

SA: How to work with OFDM module. How to apply new features of OFDM module on practice. Practical examples on real signals from the air.

Several practical examples on the real signals.

Full version of this really interesting tutorial is here.

After version and article SA OFDM module, constellations in channels has appeared, we received several letters with questions about how to use OFDM module and what are practical possibilities of constellations in the channels.

Even taking into account those difficulties, which have been described in previous article, SA OFDM module represents powerful tool. Operation with this tool we will be considered more detailed in this article.

In this small tutorial we took 4 real signals from the air to work with in SA OFDM Module.

Here is the signals from the air, which are used for analysis in this tutorial:

1) DAB

I do not post the whole artilce in the blog, because it will take too much space, not because of text, but because of pictures.

My personal opinion: It will be very interesting to read for everyone.