воскресенье, 25 октября 2009 г.

MPSK: QMAC signal.

MPSK, 30-th Ch, Br~43.1, Sh~53-54, + 1 Ch as synchro

Author: SergUA6
Band Width 2000 Hz
Low Range ~400 Hz, shift is possible.
Baud Rate ~43.1 Hz
n-Ary (PSK/MPSK) PSK-8(pi/4 DQPSK)
Count of Carriers 20+10+1
Step between carriers ~53-54 Hz
RX mode SSB


pic.1 General view

pic.2 Speed in the channel

pic.3 Detalization


pic.4 Phase constellation in the channel

QMAC - it is well known enough bar of HF equipment. There is an example of it's work in the record. The signal is multichannel, with obvious separating of channels. It is not classical OFDM signal, although, at first view it looks similar to OFDM. The signal has bright enough features. The record is made in mp3 format initially, so the quality of the record is so-so, it could be better.