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The Famous Russian Mazielka: X02, Mazielka 2 tone

X02, Mazielka 2 tone
SelCall(?) and/or tuning(?) system for CROWD-36

The signal is here

Author: SergUA6

Band Width: ~1000 Hz
Low Range: ~300 Hz
Baud Rate: 1 Hz
Count of Carriers: 2
Step between carriers: 500 Гц
RX mode: AM


pic.1 The general look and consecution after frequency detector

pic.2 Parameters of trasmitted consecution

pic.3 Manipulation frequency spacing

Mazielka is the very bright and characteristic signal. The mixed modulation is used. The signal is transferred in AM mode, and represents the frequency modulation, in which the multi-tone sequence is trasmitted with speed of manipulation in 1 Hz, in the resulted signal from five frequencies.
Such transmission in AM mode of FM signal, which represents the multi-tone sequence, in result, basically is not forbidden, and pursues the aims of the guaranteed position of the resulting signal on the frequency axis.

The problem with similar signals - is that on the records they are look very different and vary, depending of mode of their reception АМ or SSB, and thats why these signals have absolutly different appearance from different sources, and that fact brings some mess.

As it was established, the name Mazielka 2 tone has gotten from foreign observers and co-called analysts-by-ear, because in reality these two tones are not transferred in the signal.

Maria from MSM Group