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Practical approach: the example analysis of OFDM

The example analysis of OFDM

OFDM – is one of the most difficult sorts of modulation for the analysis. The difficulties are about the fact that, the channels, at OFDM usage, as a rule, do not have clear boundaries, and thereupon it is hard to select any channel or for the detailed analysis. Sometimes, in special cases, it is possible, but not always. OFDM the technology allows to create very not trivial signals, and the classical analysis of such signals is extremely difficult and polysemantic.

The example of such difficult signal(signal1) is here Japaneese Military 8 freq , compare to it this signal(signal2) Mixed mode, PSK-2 and OFDM, system unknown is even more difficult, because it is impossible to select the channel in this signal(signal2).
We will try to analyze the signal2.
But before it we will consider some common principle of analysis on classical signals, as on real ones and on synthesized ones.
The Possibility to synthesise OFDM signal with the specified parameters is very effective, at least it allows to accept some hypothesis or to reject that, it is very useful.

The link above consist full version of this article, where the principles of OFDM analysis are descrbed step by step on the real example.

The author of this article is SergUA6.