пятница, 1 мая 2009 г.

What SA project is?

Air is full of different mysterious sounds. For some people these sounds mean nothing, while for others it is the whole world of signals. As far as our team is in total passion with analysis of the signals, we have decided to help everyone, who is into ham sphere and interested in the signals. Therefore, since SA project was started, we got lots of letters and questions about different signals. People send us various signals and ask to identify them. Here goes one of the main goals of SA-it is to help everyone from professional analysts to amateurs in such not easy task as analysis of the signals. We surely can say that SA program has unique set of tools, which allows to do very high-quality analysis of the various signals and also unclear, strange, unknown signals.

So, it is very important to understand the place and goals of the signals analysis.
And this question should be considered from the start. Why do we catch and record all these signals and records? We want to open a secret what is inside of either, one or another signal. We want to decode it. But can we just record some signals and put them into decoder? Especially, when these signals are unknown, unclear or just strange. No, we can’t. Decoders must be informed very well, with which material they are going to work. The signal must be prepared at first. The signal must be defined and identified; the parameters of the signal must be gotten before it can be placed in decoder/demodulator. In other words, the signal must be qualitatively analyzed first of all.

In that way, it is clearly obvious that signals analysis take the very important place in lot’s of directions of the radio sphere.

SA allows to realize analysis for everyone who wants it. You can’t be born as an analyst, but you can become the analyst.